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Frequently asked questions

Immersfy utilizes advanced algorithms to convert your script into a storyboard within minutes, saving you valuable time and effort during pre-production.

Absolutely! Immersfy offers intuitive editing tools that allow you to tweak and refine individual frames with ease, ensuring your storyboard reflects your vision accurately.

Yes, Immersfy prioritizes context consistency, ensuring that every frame aligns seamlessly with your script's narrative, tone, and style.

With Immersfy, you have full control over your creative craft. From scene composition to character consistency, our platform empowers you with customizable features and editing options.

Immersfy offers collaborative features that allow multiple team members to work together on the storyboard, fostering seamless communication and teamwork.

Yes, Immersfy is designed to cater to filmmakers of all experience levels, from seasoned professionals to aspiring amateurs. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features make storyboarding accessible to everyone.

At Immersfy, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Our platform employs robust encryption and security protocols to safeguard your information at all times.

Immersfy is suitable for a wide range of script types, including screenplays, treatments, and even outlines. Whether you're working on an ad, short film, feature-length movie, or any other project, Immersfy can assist you in visualizing your story effectively.